Hi, I am Martin Beale.

I'm a boudoir photographer from Chelmsford, Essex. I started my creative career as a musician but haven't played an instrument in years sadly but allow my creativity to flow through my photography. Starting as a portrait photographer, then a wedding photographer (which I still do, check out www.mjbphoto.co.uk) and now this beautiful genre Boudoir.

I live with my beautiful fiancé Vicki and our 2 cats Titan & Lady Penelope.

Disclaimer - whilst I may be a great boudoir & portrait photographer, I'm not great at selfies - but this one had a pretty decent background from our once in a lifetime month around the USA! TAKE ME BACK!

Why do I shoot boudoir?

I have been a photographer for years initially working on weddings and portraits, I fell into Boudoir and having done a few shoots and seeing the impact the images had on my clients I knew this was an extraordinary road I needed to travel down. Boudoir gives me the opportunity to tell your story in images, they’re so much more powerful than words. I could tell each of you “You’re Beautiful,” but 9 out of 10 of you wouldn’t believe me. It is a real privilege to be able to capture images that genuinely bring tears to my clients eyes. The process of change is so incredible it’s what keeps driving me to get better and better. 

“When you see the final portraits, you'll see why I shoot boudoir”

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