You’ll go on a journey

Boudoir is empowering. It reminds you that even though in your everyday life you may not always feel sexy and beautiful, you are a amazing. You are perfect, and it's time for you to see that. Boudoir is so much more than photographs in lingerie. It is a journey. It's changing the way you think. It's learning to see the best in yourself. You’ll understand that you have flaws, but that is what makes you perfect. Believe in yourself. I am here to help you on the journey to falling in love with yourself, and probably, drop a few jaws in the process.

What does Boudoir mean to you?

Does it make you think of a transformational experience creating beautiful images of you that you've never seen before?

Maybe it makes you think about a huge boost in confidence and self esteem?

In a world where social media can negatively affect so many peoples opinions of themselves using photography to make people fall in love with their bodies again is amazing.

Boudoir Photography is both beautiful and transformative - this is a journey to body confidence and you will leave your portrait experience empowered and feeling in love with yourself for who you are, not what society thinks you should be.

Boudoir is for all women, of all shapes and sizes. I want you to feel confident in your own skin however that is.

Get to know Martin, your photographer

“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear”